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Dog Water Dispenser

Dog Water Dispenser

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The Dog Water Dispenser is a convenient and hygienic way to ensure your furry friend always has access to clean and fresh water. The activated carbon filter helps to remove impurities and odors, keeping your dog's water free from harmful bacteria and preventing stomach or intestine diseases. The dispenser features a switch that allows you to easily open or lock the water flow with just one hand, making it effortless to feed your pet. With its user-friendly design and reliable filtration system, this dispenser is a must-have for any dog owner.

- Activated carbon filter for clean and odor-free water
- One-hand operation switch for easy feeding
- Hygienic and convenient design

- Keeps your dog hydrated and healthy
- Prevents stomach or intestine diseases
- Easy to use and maintain

- 3 Colors: Blue/green/pink/yellow
- Volume: 300ml
- Water purifying: Activated carbon filter

Package Includes:
1 x Pet Water Bottle or 2x Bottle Filters
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