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Computer Keyboard Cleaner Kit

Computer Keyboard Cleaner Kit

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Looking for an all-in-one computer cleaning kit? Look no further than this 7-in-1 Computer Keyboard Cleaner Kit! This comprehensive kit includes a large high-density brush, swipe, earphone cleaning pen, key puller, and spray bottle – everything you need to keep your electronics clean and dust-free. The earphone cleaning pen is perfect for cleaning Airpod Pro 1, 2 and other earbuds, earbuds charge case and telephones, while the small high-density brush is great for deep cleaning mesh surfaces and keyboards. The flocking sponge is ideal for cleaning the hole of the charging case, and the spray bottle can be used to wet the surface before cleaning. Whether you’re looking to clean your laptop, computer, tablet, or keyboard, this Computer Keyboard Cleaner Kit has you covered!

Package Includes:
1 x Laptop cleaner set box
1 x Large high-density brush
1 x Fibre fleece swipe
1 x Earphone cleaning pen (including silica gel tip, flock sponge and mini high-density brush)
1 x Key puller
1 x spray bottle (empty)

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