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Computer Switch

Computer Switch

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Introducing the Computer Switch. It's the perfect solution for easy access to your desktop computer’s power switch, extending and transferring it to any place that is convenient for you. The mechanical switch provides the same functional equivalent as pressing the original on/off button, with a feature of 7-color gradient lighting effects including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple that brings new life to controlling your power source. Compact and portable in design makes it an excellent choice for any home or office. Get the Computer Switch today!

Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Line Length: 2 meters
Thickness: 1.5cm
Weight: 28g
Lighting Effect: 7-color cycle in red / orange / yellow / green / blue / purple
Mechanical Axis: Mechanical axis that can change different feel
Installation Method: Invisible glue paste

Package Includes:
1 x Switch Body
1 x Shunt Line
2 x Invisible double-sided adhesive pads
2 x Cable Ties
1 x Manual 

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