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Dynamo Flashlight

Dynamo Flashlight

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Dynamo Flashlight is the ultimate tool for any outdoor enthusiast. This LED flashlight combines solar and hand crank charging technology and is designed for maximum energy efficiency.

It utilizes a high conversion efficiency, meaning that with just 6 minutes of work the battery can provide you with hours of light in even the darkest of areas. The design is comfortable to hold and easy to store due to the retractable handle and convenient groove. The bright wick never runs out of power and illuminates your trek with three LED lights that will never leave you in the dark.

With its energy-saving, environmentally friendly design, this rechargeable flashlight should be a must-have for anyone seeking an adventurous life outdoors.

Product name: Dynamo
Size: 124mm x 45mm x 32mm
Service life: 100,000 hours
Weight: 86g

Package Includes:
1 x Flashlight

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